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    If boats can fly, people can too! (watch to the end!)

    If boats can fly, people can too! (watch to the end!)

    We promised it on the 17th December and here it is - you'll want to watch it, and you'll want to watch it right to the end, because someone is taking 'It's Time to Fly' WAY too seriously. The question is... who?
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    Late Leaver Notice

    Chicago Harbors close on October 31, 2014 at 11:59 pm.  Click on the link below for full information. 2014 Late Leaver Notice

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    2014 Chicago Bears Schedule at Burnham Harbor

    September can mean many things to boaters — there’s less sunlight as the days grow shorter, only 2 months are left in the boating season, and it’s time to start securing winter storage.  However, we have one thing that all Chicagoans can look forward to this time of year…it’s football season!  As you’re getting ready to […]


    Upgraded Wi-Fi Nearing Completion

    The upgraded Wi-Fi system upgrade is nearing completion. Despite numerous challenges encountered over the past few months, our Wi-Fi contractor has begun turning on the first of the new access points in the harbor system. The following is our current status: Despite several collapsed and clogged underground conduits, most of the fiber optic back-bone has […]

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    Slip and Mooring Availability for 2014

    Looking to still get that perfect spot on the lakefront in 2014?  Are you waiting to put in a transfer to another slip?  We currently have slips and moorings of varying sizes available at every harbor except DuSable Harbor.  Please give us a call at 312-742-8520 to inquire about our dockage options. Did you have […]

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    Electric Shock Drowning Information

    With summer starting and the boating season now in full swing, we want to take a moment to educate all of our customers in the Chicago Harbors about Electric Shock Drowning – a topic we take very seriously. Modern day marinas have great amenities for boaters, things like dockside water and electricity, that make boating […]

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