Montrose Harbor is located on the northern edge of Lincoln Park, a short walk from Montrose Beach.  With a great neighborhood feel, Montrose offers outstanding northern views of the skyline, a strong dinghy fleet, and friendly boaters that call the harbor home.  Easy access to parks and beaches along with its location that straddles Lincoln […]

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Belmont Harbor is located in the heart of beautiful Lincoln Park and is one of the largest harbors in the Chicago Harbors system.  A favorite among families and long-time boaters, the harbor is surrounded by acres of park space and a beautiful skyline view to the south.  There are 818 slips, mooring cans, and star […]

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Diversey Harbor is located in the heart of Lincoln Park sheltered within Lake Shore Drive.  Due to bridge restrictions, Diversey can only accommodate power boaters and has a friendly and lively reputation.  Within walking distance of the harbor is the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.  The harbor is also the home […]

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DuSable Harbor is located in the heart of downtown Chicago at the foot of Randolph Street.  Surrounded by a towering skyline and being the only harbor with slips close to the loop, it is a very popular mooring location.  Hemmed in by the Columbia Yacht Club to the south, the harbor was completed in 2000 […]

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Monroe Harbor is located in the heart of downtown Chicago and its 392 mooring cans combine to create the central panorama of the Chicago skyline.  Iconic to the Chicago Harbors, Monroe has a strong community of long-time boaters many of whom love the nostalgia and history of this harbor at the foot of the city.  […]

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Burnham Harbor, situated within walking distance of downtown Chicago on the Museum Campus, stands as the largest harbor in the Chicago Harbors system offering 1126 slips that can host boats ranging from 28 to over 100 feet in length . With a breathtaking skyline backdrop, the harbor is a hub of activity in Chicago, surrounded […]

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31st Street

31st Street Harbor is the newest and most anticipated addition to the Chicago harbor system. Completed in 2012 with slips for 1000 boats and a sustainable, eco-friendly design unrivaled in the industry, it provides an exceptional experience for boaters. All slips include metered electric, water (seasonal charge), and Internet access and can accommodate boats from […]

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59th Street

59th Street Harbor is located in Jackson Park, a very short walk to the Museum of Science and Industry and the 63rd Street Beach.  With slips for 125 boats from 25’-35’ in length, 59th Street Harbor’s smaller size and friendly community make it a beautiful mooring location along Lake Michigan set in the lagoons from […]

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Jackson Park Inner

Jackson Park Inner Harbor is located in Jackson Park on the western side of Lake Shore Drive.   Due to bridge restrictions the harbor can only accommodate power boaters.  Surrounded by green space and steps to 63th Street Beach, the harbor has a small and very friendly community.  The Harbor is home to the Southern Shore […]

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Jackson Park Outer

Jackson Park Outer Harbor is located in the heart of Jackson Park just off 63rd Street Beach.  The harbor is beautifully set within the park and its quiet temperament and friendly faces make it a relaxing part of the lakefront.  Jackson Park Yacht Club calls the harbor home and an old Coast Guard station stands […]

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There’s so much to see and do…

The Chicago Harbors consist of 10 beautiful harbors situated along Chicago’s 14-mile lakeshore that together constitute the nation’s largest municipal harbor system.

Founded in 1833, the harbors have long been the primer attraction along Lake Michigan with spaces for over 6,000 boats and drawing thousands of boaters each year.  With an occupancy rate in excess of 95%, the harbors are proud to represent the connection between Lake Michigan and the City of Chicago and have long been touted as the city’s “best kept secret”.

Each of the 10 harbors has their own specific neighborhood feel.  Starting in the north, Montrose, Belmont, and Diversey Harbors have been favorites among families for their location near park spaces and easy access.  In the heart of the city you’ll find DuSable, Monroe, and Burnham Harbors that feature stunning skyline views, easy access to downtown and the world-renowned museum campus.  Further south is the nation’s newest and greenest harbor, 31st Street Harbor, with spaces for 1000 boats and state-of-the-art amenities.  Then in the south, the beautifully located 59th Street and the Jackson Park Harbors have unparalleled charm set in the lagoons of the 1893 Columbian Exposition with beautiful museums and beaches near by.