Who qualifies for a COVID-19 credit?
Permittees who renewed their mooring assignment by paying in full or made their first and second installment payments by the December 15th and February 15th due date and any new applicants who were assigned moorings and made their first payment prior to the city’s lakefront closure.
Why don't I get the credit if I didn't make my payments on time?
If you did not make your first installment payment by December 15th, you forfeited your mooring assignment and were therefore not a permittee eligible for any credit or refund when the harbor season began.
How much is the COVID-19 Credit and how did you calculate it?
The regular harbor season is 184 days from May 1st to October 31st and the harbors were closed for 52 days from May 1st to June 21st, which is 28.2% of the season.  The credit will therefore be 28.2% of your 2020 mooring fees.
What are mooring fees?
Mooring fees are the fees for stalls, star docks, mooring buoys, dry storage, auxiliaries and any associated non-residency fees.
What about parking cards and other fees?
Parking cards, dock boxes and utility fees are annual fees and are not eligible for the credit.
Has the harbor season still been extended to November 15th?
No.  It was originally proposed that the harbor season be extended to November 15th and that the credit begin May 16th.  However due to overwhelming response from boaters, there are now two options.  Option 1: No extended season with credit for May 1st to June 21st  or  Option 2: Free late leaver permit for November 1st to November 15th, with a credit for May 16th to June 22nd.
How do I choose which option I want?
You will automatically receive option 1: Credit for May 1st to June 21st unless you contact us in writing by October 1 to select Option 2 and the free late leaver permit.