Transfer and New Applications

We expect to begin the transfer and new applicant assignment process the second week of March, after the completion of the renewal process.

By harbor code transfers are done by harbor, first for in-harbor transfers in date order, followed by transfer between harbors, again by harbor and in date order. There also will be several rounds of transfers as some transfers will result in additional available spaces. We expect the first rounds to take approximately two to three weeks. Please remember that transfers are executed automatically. Permittees will be notified by mail of their new assignment. If the requested transfer is not available, the transfer will remain on file. If a permittee has more than one transfer and a transfer is granted, the other transfers remain on file unless the permittee cancels them in writing.

Finally, new applicants will be assigned in date order to the remaining available spaces. Applicants will be contacted by phone and/or email if their request is available. If they accept the assignment, they will be sent an invoice that will be due within 30 days. If they decline the assignment, their application will be put back on file. Applicants may decline an assignment offer twice and maintain their place on the waiting list. Upon the third decline, applicants will drop to the bottom of the list.

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