Chicago is known as a culinary hotspot and the lakefront is no exception. Find the perfect place to grab a snack during your day on the water.

Pier 31 Restaurant
Located at 31st Street Beach just feet away from 31st Street Harbor, Pier 31 offers drinks and food for boaters and beach goers alike.
3155 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago IL 60616
Dockside Cafe at Burnham Harbor
Dockside Cafe is connected to the harbor house at Burnham Harbor and offers snacks and grill fare for boaters.
1559 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago IL 60605
Friendship on the Lake
Just 40 feet from the lake, this location of Logan Square's much-loved Friendship Restaurant offers a similar menu of Chinese dishes with French influences.
200 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago IL 60611
The Docks at Quay
Make this summer count, one refreshing cocktail at a time. Join us on The Docks, Chicago's best dock and dine venue!
465 E. Illinois Street, Chicago IL 60611