Letter from Scott Stevenson re: Dock Boxes

Dear Boaters,

We want to apologize for the recent handling of the issue of dock boxes in the harbors.  We will not be issuing the fines for dock boxes but will instead hold a public meeting in September to discuss the issue with the boating community.

Here is the problem: We have MANY boaters in the harbor system that have sought to “customize” their docks in ways that are not appropriate.  Some of what we see is funny, some add to clutter on the docks, and some are downright dangerous:

  • A number of boaters have installed wiring on their docks to accommodate electric grills, but have failed to meet electrical codes.  These connections, so close to the water, endanger their neighbors.
  • Other boaters have installed outdoor showers not constructed to code.
  • Some boaters have constructed elaborate storage boxes and dock extensions.
  • Some boaters have brought in their own dock boxes, installing them next to their neighbors who rent them from the harbors, an inherently contradictory situation.
  • Planters, palm trees (both real and electric), etc.

As I said, we will not be issuing fines, but please do not take this as permission to install boxes or other “improvements” on the docks.  We do not consider anything “grandfathered”.

We will hold a public meeting in September to discuss all of these issues and develop policies on handling them going forward.  Please check back here in late August for the meeting time and place.


Scott Stevenson

Executive Vice President Westrec Marinas

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