Once you are assigned within our Harbor System, you are eligible to fill out a Transfer Request Form to change locations within the same harbor or to a different harbor. You will be placed on a “Transfer List” which is maintained by the date it was submitted. Requests will be honored as they become available. Please note, you may list on your request multiple locations, but only one mooring type.

All transfers will be executed automatically, without prior notification and are final. Transfers stay on file until an appropriate mooring becomes available or the transfer is withdrawn in writing by the permittee. Transfers submitted by any permittee/partner on an account are binding on all permittees/partners. If you have multiple transfers, the fulfillment of one transfer does not result in the cancellation of any remaining transfers and they will remain on file until such time as the requests are available.

You may fill out a transfer request on-line and submit it electronically, or fax it to us at (312) 877-5771. There is a $40.00 (prices may change) non-refundable administrative fee due at the time of filing. If you wish to send us a hard copy, please mail it to:

Please note that there is now a 10% surcharge on all T-Head and side tie stalls.

Westrec Marinas
1521 S. Linn White Drive, 1st Floor South
Chicago, Illinois 60605

If you have any questions, email us at westrec@chicagoharbors.com
Or call our main office at (312) 742-8520.


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  • New Harbor: *
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  • Transfers stay on file until they are completed or until a written cancellation notice is received.

  • Requests to be called first cannot be accommodated. All transfers will be automatically executed if the requests are available.
  • Price: $40.00

  • American Express
  • Transfers will be granted to the first available mooring listed above. All transfers will be executed automatically, without prior notification and are final. Transfer fees are non-refundable. Any changes or cancellations of a transfer must be made in writing.