Where is winter storage available?
We have outdoor winter storage available at Montrose Harbor and at 31st Street Harbor.  In addition, there is heated indoor winter storage available at 31st Street Harbor.
Where is the largest size boat you will take?
At Montrose Harbor we will take boats up to 45 feet overall length.  At 31st we will take boats up to 40 feet overall length outdoors.   For indoor storage at 31st Street the maximum height from keel up is approximately 15 feet.  Please contact us for more specific information.
Where is the charge for storage?
If you complete a contract and pay in full by September 15th, outdoor storage at Montrose is $5.50 per square foot, outdoor storage at 31st is $7.00 per square foot and indoor storage at 31st Street is $11.50 per square foot.
What is the availability for storage?
We have had space available for outdoor storage at Montrose but 31st Street indoor and outdoor storage was full in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and we expect to fill again in 2016.  Therefore, if you are interested in 31st Street we recommend that you renew or apply early to reserve space.
When can I have my boat hauled out?
Haul out can be requested starting October 1st up until November 15th.  The actual haul out date will be scheduled based on availability. Haul out dates can be subject to change due to weather conditions.
When is the earliest I can launch my boat?
Boats can be launched beginning April 1st.  All boats must be launched by May 1st, no exceptions.  However, we reserve the right to launch boats prior to May 1st.
How secure are these locations?
Both locations will have fenced in outdoor storage and will be staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  At 31st Street the indoor storage will be in a secure building along with 24 hour a day, seven days a week staff on site.
Do you take sailboats?
We take sailboats at Montrose Harbor and for outdoor storage at 31st Street Harbor.
How will my boat be pulled out of the water?
Depending on the location and type of boat, boats will be hauled out using either a travel lift, marine fork lift or a hydraulic trailer.
Do I have to provide my own cradle or stands for my boat?
No. We will provide boat stands at no extra charge.  If you would like to use your own trailer or cradle, you are more than welcome.  Boat owners are responsible for delivering the trailer/cradle to the storage location prior to haul out.
What services beside hauling out the boat do you provide?
We power wash the boat bottoms before storing your boat.  We will place them on your cradle or our stands (at no additional charge).  We also provide shrink wrapping for $2.00 per square foot.
Do you offer winterization or service for boats?
No.  But you may select from an approved list of vendors authorized to offer services at our winter storage locations.
What if the vendor I want to perform work on my boat is not listed?
If you have a vendor that you would like to use that is not on the list, please have them contact the Chicago Harbors office to apply for approval.
Will there be water and electricity?
There will be water and electricity from April 1st to November 15th, weather permitting.  Boater will have to provide their own water hoses and power cords to reach the available connections.
Do I have to have my boat shrink wrapped?
No.  However, for outdoor storage you cannot use tarps or other covers.
Can I store my wave runner too?
We will store personal watercraft (PWC) for customers storing their boat with us or for any customers who currently have an auxiliary permit for their PWC.  If you provide a trailer, the charge will be $400.00 for a single PWC on a trailer, $600.00 for two PWC’s on a single trailer or $600.00 each for any PWC without a trailer.  Shrink wrapping is provided at no additional charge for personal watercrafts.
What is the Environmental Fee?
The Environmental Fee is a fee that must be paid by boat owners who wish to do any permitted exterior work on their boats.  Exterior work that involves activities such as sanding, fiberglassing, buffing, painting, use of paints or other chemicals potentially produce pollutants that must be contained and disposed of properly.  Owners will have to give 5 business days notice to the Winter Storage management before such work can be be conducted.
Why am I being charged the Environmental Fee?
Due to the fact that our storage locations are on the Chicago Lakefront we want to take extra care to avoid the spread of any of these pollutants.  The Environmental Fee covers the cost for Chicago Harbor personnel to protect the work area, clean-up and properly dispose of any contaminants.
What type of work will not be allowed at the storage locations?
Use of caustic chemicals, major repair work, use of any open flames, or any activity which can potentially result in damage, harm, or injury to other people or boats is not permitted.
Can I winterize my own boat?
Yes, provided that you contain and properly dispose offsite of any waste products, including bilge water.
When will I have access to my boat?
Boaters will have access from the time their boat is hauled out until November 15th (weather permitting) and then beginning March 15th (weather permitting) until the boat is launched.

Access times are as follows:

Monday thru Friday – 7am to 3pm

Saturday and Sunday – 9am to 5pm

Closed April 21, 2019 (Easter)

There will be access for 31st Street Indoor storage customers on an appointment basis between December 1st and March 15th Tuesday through Saturday from 8am to 3pm, excluding holidays.  Boat owners should contact 31st Street Harbor at least 72 hours prior to their requested access.

Only boat owners that are on the access list will be permitted in the storage areas.  Any person entering the storage area must present a photo ID and may be required to sign in/out upon entering and exiting the storage area.  Access may be limited during haul out and launch operations for safety reasons.

Will I be able to get into the storage area between November 15th and March 15th to check on my boat?
There is no access to the outdoor storage yards during this time period for safety reasons, especially when there is snow or ice present on the yard or on boats.  Indoor storage access can be made on an appointment basis.
How do you determine square footage for winter storage?
Square footage is calculated as overall length times the maximum beam (width) of the boat.  This is the area that the boat occupies in the winter storage location.
What are the restrictions for 31st Street Indoor storage?
The maximum height of the boat from the bottom of the keel to the highest point on the boat cannot exceed 15 feet-0 inches.  Do not confuse this with the height from the waterline, it also includes the distance below the waterline.
How do I apply for winter storage?
You can sign up now on our web site under Winter Storage Request Form.