In order to obtain any type of mooring in the Chicago Harbors, you must complete the mooring permit application and submit it, along with the required deposit of $15.00 per foot of the size of the boat. This deposit will be applied to your first bill. If you choose to cancel your application, you will be reimbursed your total deposit, less an administrative fee of $50.00 (prices subject to change). Make checks payable to “Chicago Park District”. All major credit cards accepted.

Please note that the boat’s title, registration and ownership must be the same as the applicant’s for the mooring permit.

Assignments of new applicants begins after renewals of current permittees are completed and transfers are processed in February and March.
The transfer process should be completed by late March or early April at which time we will begin assigning new applicants to the remaining available moorings in date order.
Though we will not know specific availability until then, we fully expect 35 to 70 foot stalls to be readily available at the new 31st Street Harbor.
You may fill out an application on-line and submit it electronically or fax it to us at (312) 747-6598. If you wish to send us a hard copy, please mail it to:

Westrec Marinas
541 N. Fairbanks, Suite 1020
Chicago, Illinois 60611

If you have any questions, email us at
Or call our main office at (312) 742-8520.

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Major credit cards accepted with a $25.00 electronic transaction fee on charges greater than $1,000.00
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By clicking submit, I hereby agree, in the event that a permit is issued to me, to abide by the rules and regulations of the Chicago Park District governing the use of the harbors, and also to abide by all ordinances of said Park District. I further agree that the Chicago Park District shall not be liable for any loss or damage, by theft or otherwise to my boat or property while using a harbor or occupying any mooring or stall that may be allotted to me; and in consideration of the permit so issued to me I hereby release the Chicago Park District of and from any claim by me for aforesaid loss, damage, or theft. I authorize a representative of the Chicago Park District to board the above boat at all reasonable times for inspection to determine its seaworthiness, safety and compliance of all Park District rules and regulations including the prominent display of a proper decal and its compliance with the anti-pollution regulations. I also agree to terms and conditions for the application process, including but not limited to those listed below.

This form and its contents are encrypted and communicated in a secure format backed by VeriSign.

General Information

The Chicago Park District operates 10 harbors: Montrose, Belmont, Diversey, DuSable, Monroe, Burnham, 31st Street (NEW!!!), 59th Street, Jackson Outer and Jackson Inner. Each harbor has different characteristics and mooring types from stalls to dry moorings to serve all segments of the boating community. Consult Marine Department staff for more information. The regular season extends from May 1 until October 31. Assigned boaters may come into the harbors after April 15, but facilities are not guaranteed ready until after May 15. A Late Leaver Permit must be purchased for those boaters wanting to use moorings after October 31. Late Leavers may stay until November 15, but facilities may be winterized before then.

Mooring Assignment Procedures

New applications, and transfers, are date stamped and entered into “the registers” in chronological order. All mooring assignments are made accordingly. “The registers” are public documents and can be viewed during office hours in the Marine Department office: Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Assignments are made after March 1st of each year. Assignments are made in the following sequence: 1.) Outsized boaters; 2.) Transfers in the same harbor; 3.) Transfers from other harbors; and 4.)New applicants. For a complete description of the assignment process, please read the Rules and Regulations.

Environmental Requirements

Lake Michigan is a precious resource held in public trust. Boaters are required to have sanitation systems incapable of overboard discharge. Federal and local laws make it illegal to dump plastic or other trash anywhere in navigable waters such as Lake Michigan. Boaters are urged to recycle wastes such as aluminum, glass, plastic and engine oil at facilities provided in each harbor. Pumpout stations for sewage are provided free of charge in all harbors. Under no circumstances can they be used for pumping oil, fuel, or bilge wastes. Heavy fines and/or revocation of permit will ensue for environmental violations.


Upon written request of withdrawal, application fees will be refunded less a $50 processing charge. The $40 fee for Transfer Requests and $30 fee for Change Forms is non-refundable. If a mooring assignment is accepted, mooring fees are refundable as follows: Full refund until May 15, half refund until July 15, no refund after July 15.

Parking and Monroe Harbor Tender Passes

Boaters receive one free parking pass per boat for gated lots in assigned harbors. Additional parking passes may be purchased (except at Monroe). Monroe Harbor boaters also receive two harbor tender season passes per boat for a mandatory $200 fee assessed at time of invoicing. Additional tender passes can be purchased for $200 each. Parking and tender passes are issued by Harbor Managers as boaters check in.

Disabled Access

Mooring facilities are available for disabled boaters. Accessible parking, washrooms and showers are also provided. The Chicago Park District also manages the “Judd Goldman Adaptive Sailing Program” in Burnham Harbor utilizing specially designed sailboats for the physically challenged. Consult the Marine Department staff for details.


Renewal invoices are mailed in late December. If balances are not paid by February 15, a $75.00 late fee is assessed until February 28. After February 28, berthing spaces are reassigned to Transfer Applicants, and New Applicants as specified in the Rules and Regulations.