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UPDATED: 6/4/2020


As part of our effort to open the Chicago Harbors as soon as possible in a safe and responsible manner, we have created the Chicago Harbors COVID-19 Task Force to make recommendations to state/municipal officials and advocate on behalf of Chicago boaters during this time.

For the most current information on Illinois and Chicago policies regarding COVID-19, please click here for the latest Task Force updates.

The Task Force is asking boaters to please sign the following pledge as part of our united effort to commit to boating safely once the harbors open:


4,692 boaters have signed the pledge as of June5 @ 10:00AM CDT!  Help us get to 5,000!

Below are current updates on the COVID-19 response and official policy from the Chicago Harbors:


  • We are monitoring updates and recommendations from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), WHO (World Health Organization), and CDPH (Chicago Department of Public Health) regarding the spread of COVID-19.
  • Chicago Harbors Closure: All docks, parking lots, launch ramps, and other harbor properties remain closed in accordance with current Chicago Park District closures. Some exceptions to this policy are listed below as we prepare to open the harbors. Boaters who ignore city orders and attempt to bring their boat into the harbors during the closure could have their permit revoked.
  • Chicago Harbors Offices: While our administration office will be closed our office staff will be working remotely and will assist you in any way possible. If you need assistance the office can be reached at 312-741-3601 or by email at during our normal business hours Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. Most of our forms and resources are readily available at In addition, payments can be made online or through the mail.


  • Chicago Boating Season: The City of Chicago has announced that the city will enter Phase 3 of the recovery plan on June 3rd. While this date marks the start of the new phase, various activities will be phased in. We are currently working on details with the Park District determining at what date the Chicago Harbors will open. We will be updating you with further details on our opening process soon.
  • COVID-19 Safe Boating Policy: We anticipate that once the Chicago Harbors open, boaters will be required to adhere to new City of Chicago safe boating guidelines both in the harbors and on their vessels. We will update this page once we have direction from the Park District on what those guidelines will be. Please be aware, these may be different than the State of Illinois guidelines.
  • Extended Boating Season: The Chicago Park District has extended the 2020 Chicago Harbors season to November 15th for all customers. Previously only “late leaver” permit holders at Burnham Harbor could stay through that date.


  • Boat Staging: Chicago Harbors customers are allowed to bring their boats to a temporary slip to “stage” until the harbors open. We are staging boats at the following harbors:
    • 31st Street and Montrose – OPEN FOR STAGING
    • Belmont, Burnham, Jackson Park Outer – STAGING OPENS JUNE 6
    • Diversey, DuSable, Monroe, Jackson Park Inner, 59th Street – STAGING OPENS JUNE 10
  • Reservations and Delivery:
    • All boaters wishing to bring boats in will require a reservation. Please click here to make a reservation.
    • Boaters will receive email confirmation or phone call from marina manager to coordinate.
    • We will limit the deliveries to 10 boats per hour at each location to allow for social distancing on the docks.
    • Delivery crews will be limited in size to the state’s current restrictions.
    • The marina manager will assign boats a temporary slip to deliver to and stage at until the harbors open.
    • Boaters will not be charged for the temporary slip and will continue to accrue their pro-rata mooring fee credit until the Chicago Harbors open.
    • Deliveries will only be allowed between 9:00am and 4:00pm.
    • Delivery crews must wear PPE while on harbor property.
    • Launch ramps at 31st Street and Diversey remain closed.
  • Access to Staged Boats:
    • Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance with the marina manager to access boats.
    • Hours of access will be 8:00am to 5:00pm.  Docks will be cleared and chained shut at 5:00pm.
    • Only two people per boat will be allowed access at any time and only for maintenance purposes.
    • There will be a limit of 10 people per any one dock.
    • Boaters must wear PPE on docks and harbor property, except while on their boats.
    • Boaters are allowed to perform in-water maintenance on their boat. Please note: boats will not be accessible for recreation purposes. Alcohol, loud music, social gatherings, and overnight stays are not allowed until the harbors open.
    • Security will be in place from 5pm – 8am at both locations.
  • Parking: 
    •  31st Street: Due to reconfiguration work on the access systems near the garage, parking will be in the West lot only until we open from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  We will leave the gate open in the far south end of the West lot from 8am-5pm and then the lot will be closed overnight.  We will transition to parking on the East side spaces after the access systems come on-line next week.
    • Montrose: Montrose boaters will be allowed to use their 2019 passes to access the south lot from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  All other boaters will park on the street (there is lots of parking with the Lakefront closed). Burnham and Belmont boaters will be able to use their 2019 parking passes to access parking lots from 8:00am to 5:00pm.
  • TMA/Chicago Police:
    • We will give the TMA/Chicago Police a list each morning with the boaters who have reserved times to do maintenance on their vessels and for the pickup of crews delivering boats.
  • Security: Due in part to recent civil unrest, we have increased the security at harbors. Harbors that are open for staging will have a dedicated security presence 24-hours a day. Please contact our office if you have specific concerns regarding your vessel.


  • Full Refund: Boaters can choose to receive a 100% refund until the date the harbors are opened. Please keep in mind, if you cancel your slip or mooring, you will forfeit your assignment and need to reapply to get back into the harbor system.
  • Pro-Rata Credit: We will be issuing boaters a pro-rata credit for each day the harbors are closed past May 15th. These credits will be towards 2021 mooring fees and boaters will see them on their renewal invoice this fall.
  • Charter Permits: If you are a charter permit holder and anticipate your business will be negatively impacted by the current public health situation, please contact our administration office so we can assist you further.


  • Payment Due Date: In an effort to accommodate our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, boaters will have until the date the harbors are opened to make their final payment for the 2020 boating season.


  • Boat Yard Policy: Winter storage customers at our Montrose and 31st Street boat yards can perform spring maintenance on their boats with the following policies:
    • Only two (2) people per boat will be allowed in the boatyard at any time. This applies to both owners and contractors.
    • Boat work must be pre-arranged with the boatyard manager at least 24 hours prior to arrival.
    • Individuals who arrive without prior approval will not be permitted access.
    • Approved individuals entering the yard will be required to check-in with the boat yard manager prior to entering the yard.
    • Approved individuals are only allowed in the boatyard during normal operating hours from 8:00am to 5:00pm.
    • In accordance with the state mandate, persons in the boatyard must wear proper face masks if they are within six (6) feet of other individuals.
    • City social distancing guidelines will be strictly adhered to and social gatherings of persons will not be tolerated.
  • Spring Launch at Montrose and 31st Street Boat Yards: We are currently launching winter storage customers at our Montrose and 31st Street boat yards under the same policies listed above for boat yards. Boats will be required to stay at either Montrose or 31st Street or transit to alternate, open staging harbors to await the opening of the Chicago Harbors.