Harbor Transfers and Assignments

The first round of Harbor Transfers and New Applicant Assignments have been completed.

Harbor transfers and new applicant assignments are done according the Code of the Chicago Park District.

Transfers are done harbor by harbor, first for transfers within a harbor in date order and then transfers from other harbors in date order. Then after transfers are completed, new applicants are assigned to the remaining available spaces in date order. If a transfer or new applicant’s first choice is not available, we then go to the second choice if there was a second choice listed, and then the third choice and so on. If none of the choices are available, we proceed to the next transfer or applicant in date order.

If any of the choices for a transfer request are available, the transfer is executed automatically. If any of the choices for a new applicant are available, the applicant will be contacted by phone with an offer for the available space. New applicants may refuse an offer twice without penalty, but upon the third refusal, the application is moved to the bottom of the list and the effective date is changed accordingly.

Please note, availability varies greatly by harbor and size.

As of conclusion of the second round of assignments:

  • Montrose: No 25′ or 50′ slips, limited number of 35’and 40′ slips, 30′ slips available
  • Belmont: No 40′ to 80′ slips, limited number of 30′ and 35′ slips
  • Diversey: No 25′ slips, limited number of 30′, 35′, 40′ & 45′ slips. 50′ slips available but low bridge clearance due to high water levels
  • DuSable: No availability, considerable waiting list for 45′ to 60′ slips
  • Burnham: No 30′ or 60′ to 100′ slips, limited number of 50′ slips, 35′ $ 40′ slips available
  • 59th Street: Limited number of 35′ slips, 25′ & 30′ slips available
  • Jackson Outer: Limited number of 30′ slips, 35′ & 40′ slips available
  • Jackson Inner: 30′ to 40′  slips available

This availability can change as additional transfers and applications are made or if assignments are refused.