Harbor Improvements

Dear Chicago Harbors customers,

As the harbor system starts to thaw and we begin to look forward to another fantastic Chicago boating season, we are pleased to announce the start of a multi-year harbor renovation plan, the first phase of which will see $7 million worth of new improvements over the next three years.

We are beginning this program by replacing/renovating some docks in Burnham and Jackson Park Outer Harbors in 2019 and 2020 and will continue throughout the Chicago Harbors system in future years with priority given to those structures heavily damaged in winter and summer storms.

Damaged dock frames removed from Burnham Harbor.


Improvement Schedule:

Spring 2019

  • Replace P, Q and R docks at Burnham Harbor and renovate S dock. Replace the gates at P, Q, R and S docks
  • Replace the gates at 59th Street

Fall 2019

  • Replace the gates at Jackson Park Outer Harbor
  • Install a new floating washroom at Burnham Harbor on East side at EF dock

Spring 2020

  • Install an extension to the floating wave attenuator on A dock at Jackson Park Outer Harbor
  • Replace/renovate the docks at Jackson Park Outer Harbor

New synthetic decking from Wear Deck and new docks from Meeco Sullivan being assembled at Burnham Harbor.


New Dock Features:

Taking advantage of improvements in dock design and technology, we’re looking forward to debuting new features in the structures we begin to phase in to the Chicago Harbors system including:

  • Floating Docks with much heavier frames to withstand damage from storms.  These docks are supplied by Meeco Sullivan.
  • New decking from Wear Deck that is a gray, synthetic decking, guaranteed for 25 years.
  • New power pedestals from Marina Electrical Equipment with GFI breakers at each slip (to prevent electric shock drowning) and 20amp GFI outlets for electric grills.
  • High speed internet that will be wired to each pedestal.
  • New dock gates, similar to the gates at 31st Street and Diversey Harbors, will be installed at each dock that is to be replaced.  These docks have unique programable PIN codes that improve security.

New dock gates to be similar to existing gates at 31st Street and Diversey Harbors featuring PIN access.


We are looking forward to seeing the first new docks come into service in May 2019 and will keep boaters updated as the renovation plan continues with future harbor updates.


Scott Stevenson

General Manager