31st Street Garage Modification

The 31st Street Harbor parking garage is getting a bit of a makeover this year as we look towards improving traffic flow in and out of the garage. To this effect, the current single entrance lane and exit lane configuration is being changed and an upgraded pay parking system is being installed.

Starting in 2016, the current entrance and exit lane on the west side of the garage will become two entrance lanes at most times. Both lanes will now have seasonal parking card readers and ticket dispensers for daily parking (when available).  The old exit lane will also be kept with a seasonal exit card reader for special events and peak times.

In addition, two new exit lanes will be installed at the south end of the parking lot.  Both exit lanes will incorporate both seasonal parking card readers and pay/ticket stations for boater convenience.  There will also be one pay on foot pay station installed near the new exit lanes.

The new pay equipment also uses bar code printed tickets instead of the magnetic stripe tickets that can be damaged and become corrupted which we hope will make the parking process easier for 31st Street boaters and their guests.

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