2016 Monroe Harbor Tender Passes

Monroe Harbor has always been a centerpiece of the Chicago Harbors with its iconic views of the Chicago skyline and the tender system has long ferried customers and friends out to their waiting boats.  In an effort to make the tender process simpler, cheaper, and faster, we’re implementing a new card based system to replace the paper ticket system that had been in use.

Here are the details of the new program:

  • Mooring permittees will still receive two tender passes with their annual mooring.
  • We’ve reduced the cost of an additional tender pass from $200 to $60.  You can also elect to purchase two additional passes for only $100.
  • Only round-trip tickets will be sold at a price of $9 per round trip.  We will only check passes on outgoing trips, not return trips.
  • Boaters will now swipe their tender pass on a card reader when they board the tender.  There will be card reader stations at Monroe Harbor and Columbia Yacht Club.
  • Ice will be purchased at the tender office.  Boaters can collect the ice onboard the tender and drivers will mark your receipt.

All in all we hope that this system makes it much easier for Chicago boaters to use the tender service at Monroe Harbor.  We look forward to welcoming you in only a few short weeks!

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