Forms & Resources

How do I apply for an assignment in the harbors?
How do I get an Application, Transfer Form, Change Form or other official paperwork?
Is there a waiting list?
How long is the waiting list?
I have been on the waiting list for a slip, why is it taking so long to get one?
I have been waiting for a slip but know people who applied after me getting slips?
When do you make assignments?
Do you pro-rate if I get transferred later during the summer?
What determines availability in the harbors?
If I purchase a boat from an individual who has an assignment in our system, can I assume ownership of their assignment as well?
I was added on as a partner. Who is entitled to the assignment?
When does the season begin/end?
I am going out of town. Can my friend just put his/her boat in my slip/mooring/star dock until I come back?
Can I keep my wave runner, jet ski or raft in my slip?
I have received a violation. Who can I contact about this?
I am interested in buying a bigger boat. What do I do about my assignment?
I have a buoy/stardock assignment. How do I get out to my boat?
I have sold my boat, can I get a refund?